Anne provides customer support, employee training, employee supervision, employee job descriptions, develops operating systems, customer surveys, signage and service line decor.
Cory develops systems and reporting tools that allow managers to understand their specific financial goals and track their progress. Through sophisticated software, he has developed management tools all managers can use.  His familiarity with various survey tools enable parents to view student input.

Cory brullote

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School Food Marketing
Professional Food Service Consultants



geoffrey ramsey

support staff

Debbie's experience ranges from operational to administrative experience in the food service industry.  She has developed customized menus, food production records and purchasing systems and provided administrative and marketing support.
Geoff has thirty years of successful administrative and operational experience at all levels of food service; developing merchandising and marketing plans for primary & secondary schools and summer camps, facilitating on-site food service evaluations, supporting sustainability and wellness programs, training managers and food service workers and understanding the relationship between the number of meals served and the bottom line.